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January 10th, 2007 by Johnny Love sex

Now this is one bitch that knows how to blow… lol

She really gets turned on by the push of a button. Lol

Just look at her sexy body, If i had to take a chance with her detinatiing while i she was riding me i would definitely do it. I want to lick her pussy. I dont understand what all these muslin idiots are so mad about when they have hot sluts like this ready to blow and they hide them under wraps.


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November 25th, 2006 by Johnny Love sex

Holy smokes this Lebanese girls face and lips are sexy as hell. She is an arab singer or something like that. Who cares I’d would love to have her on top of me in the middle of the Sahara desert with lots of ice cream. Where the ice cream came from I don’t know but looking at this sexy chick Im starting to see mirages. 🙂


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November 19th, 2006 by Johnny Love sex

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OOOOOOHHHH taboo indian girls are a favorite of mine. A friend just visited Dubia and he said he fucked like 20 indian chicks. They just love the American cock because the guys of there are afriad of pussy. Too funny right. A lesson to all countries that hide there women your bitches are gonna get fucked hard and like it most likely not by you.

He also said they were super freaks when they knew they could do anything in his hotel room. A few of them even turned bisexual even though they never seen a naked women which is crazy. Watch these muslim indian girls fuck.


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August 10th, 2006 by Johnny Love sex

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I just found a super hot Muslim live cam girl. There are many hot Muslim girls from the Middle east and Asia. Alot of them are never seen because of the burka that covers the face. I was surfing for a girl to get a live cam show from and came across this picture which stood out right away from the other girls. I had $76 left in my account, she has nice eyes so I might as well check her out. Plus I wanted to see a real arab girl finger her pussy for me. If you want to see her naked join here free.


If you dont know here is the definition of muslim from wikipedia, A Muslimis an adherent of Islam. The feminine form of Muslim is Muslimah. Literally, the word means one who submits to God. There are approximately 1.31 billion Muslims worldwide.

I just entered the private chat room and and was anticipating what the rest of her covered body looked like. I know Cams wont put ugly girls on their site so i knew she couldnt be bad. Snake charmer music comes on and she begins to strip. She starts removing her gown and her body is fit. Finally she takes off the face mask to reveal a fucking sexy arab princess. I took a snapshot to keep. Here she is.


How Hot is she. I think think she looks amazing and her pussy is perfect especially when its all wet and dripping. I ended up using up what ever was left in my account on her and it was definitely one of the best shows had. I going to find me some more hot Muslim porn and put it up here. If you want a free show live show join here.

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