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August 20th, 2006 by Johnny Love sex

So have you ever fucked a hooker and it felt too good. Well not so much a hooker but a major slut. Its more then likely you have. And you know when your fucking her and it feels so good like your not wearing a rubber. Obviously during this slut fucking session you were wearing one.

While prior to proceeding to stick it in her ass we needed some lube. I grabbed a bottle and squirted away. Im fucking her hard it just feels awesome cramming her tight Spanish butt. I pull out and start fucking her pussy. This feels tooooo good. Im thinking to myself dam she is wet. So I pull out and look down to see the condom is broke on me and all i have is a rubber cock ring type of condom.

Drumroll…………….. The bottle was baby oil and I forgot condoms break from that stuff. (All I wanted was some head)

I look at her and ask what should we do? Her dum slut face looks at me like clueless to the maximus “I dont know” in black Spanish ghetto girl voice.

I look at her.

I look at the wall.

I look at her tits.

I look down at my dick, which is partly inside her slutty pussy with a broken condom on.

In my head i thought to myself, I want to fuck but what should I do? This girls a ho fo sho. What the fuck! The condoms broke already and I already fucked her without a condom for a while. If I got something already i might as well finish. So looks like im fucking a total 100% hot stranger without a condom. (IÂ got tested a month later.)

My reply as Im turning her ass over to the side “We are fucking tonight!”

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August 8th, 2006 by Johnny Love sex

Daily new porn site with hot masturbating in high definition porno: Real Orgasms

I just check this site out briefly but the women are phenomenal looking and the movie quality is top of line Hi Def DVD. features hotties playing with themselves until they reach a massive orgasm and moan with intense pleasure.

Fucking A the past 5 day have been a little crazy. I just got home after 5 days of action and no sleep for 3.

So my good friend never went to an asian massage parlor. We had nothing to do and decided to go. We had a limited budget so we had to stay in means. I could use a good massage and a happy ending after 5 days of hardcore parties. I know a bunch of places to go so I take him to one or 4 and we were determined.

Heres how it went down. I like to get massages but not in some run down shitty Asian place with old busted up imported non English speaking spare rib eating whores that a lot of you guys have seen and probably go to. I refuse even though i’ve done them a few times by default aka other people paid for me and its better then waiting. I prefer a nice atmosphere that looks good, clean and when you walk in you think to yourself this is a nice place. Now the crucial part is how good the massage is. Thats really is the reason i go plus the naked girls that pull the lever to release the dam.

We park and head over to the first place. Asian place #1 is awesome and ive been there several times. When you walk in this is a real day spa with a forest and waterfall and a hot little slanted eye babe that greats you with tea. Getting to the elevator 1 of the two is broken and jokingly I say Its not worth the 6 flights of stairs to walk. Actually this place is. We get in the good elevator and press 6 floor. The button doesnt work. Its a sign. We press 7 and walk down 1 flight, talk about 2 lazy degenerates on a Tuesday afternoon. Arriving at the door I notice no sign and open the door. The whole place is under construction. Guess they closed. Off the Asian massage parlor #2.

I know another place down the block literally. This place is a typical place but what do you expect for $60 plus tip for an hour. Although the girls there give a killa massage and are topless. So many people came back every 7th massage was free. Now thats service for the service industry. We walk there and press the button to the 5th floor. Here is our convo on the intercom.

Asian voice “yes can i help you.”

Me “yes we are here for a massage”

Asian voice “yuu been here befooore”

Me “yes”

Asian “and your friend”

Me “is this still the massage place”

Asian “No closed, go away”

Me “So you closed”

Asian “go away before we call the police”

Me “call them you slut”

We walk away laughing, destined to get a massage I have another place to go 3 blocks away. Off to our new destination which i have never been to before I dont know what to expect. We get there the fucking staircase is a rat hole but we walk in floor and were really surprised. It was decent but the 4 asian girls standing there in there underwear were amazing. I mean fresh or fresh as hooker could look. One girl came out the back topless. And let me say this again, I have never seen hot asian girls like this for this price. I was ready to make one my girlfriend. The main bitch was really a bitch and asks for ID. We laugh you mean like Identification. We both look young but come on now. We take out our id. She looks at mine and goes ok. She looks at my friends ID and says no your too yourng. WWWWWWWWWHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTTTT? To young to get a massage and a blow job. Your kidding right. We try to convince them its ok. 3 of the girls wanted to do it and the freaking main bitch was very persistent on the no. I was ready to get one but didn’t want to make him wait an hour. I’m going back to this place for sure. These girls were off the chart.

Fuck this no luck with 3 Asian places today. I know a Russian massage place to go. Off w are to see the hot and horny milf ruskie babes. Plus its cheaper and just as good although the massage factor is lacking a bit in quality. No problems at all. We get there each pick a girl we like and meet up an hour later laughing at each other.

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July 25th, 2006 by Johnny Love sex

Ever look at an escort magazine or the ads in back of the local paper. If you havent by now your gay. If you actually read them you might have seen some hooker scribble that looks like this GFE BLS BBBJ FS mary 190″ Some of this stuff i knew and some i didnt so here is english language hooker service menu for all the non experts.

See some live hookers rubbing there dirty pussy online for you!

Bareback = sex without a condom
BBBJ = Bare Back Blow Job = Blow Job without condom
BBW = Big Beautiful Woman
BJ = Blow Job (oral sex on him)
BLS = Ball Licking and Sucking
BS = BodySlide = Girl massages you with her body
BTW = By the way
Cowgirl = girl on top
DATY = Dining At The Y = Cunnilingus (oral sex on her)
Doggie style = man behind girl, penis in vagina
French = oral sex
French Kissing = kissing on mouth with tongue contact
FS = Full Service = Intercourse
GFE = Girl Friend Experience, providing aspects of social and physical interaction beyond the act itself.
Greek = anal sex
GS = Golden Shower = Urinating on or being urinated on
Half & Half = oral sex and intercourse
HJ = Hand Job
HM = High Mileage
IMHO = In my humble opinion
IMO = In my opinion
Incall = you meet the girl at her place
ISO = In Search Of
LE = Law Enforcement
LF = Lady Friend
LOL = Laugh Out Loud
Missionary = man on top
MP = Massage Parlor
MSOG = Multiple Shots on Goal
N = nude (the girl that is)
NR = Nude Reverse = nude with reverse massage
Outcall = the girl comes to your place—your home, your hotel, etc.
Pearls = Pearl Necklace = ejaculation on her upper breasts
PSE = Porn Star Experience
Reverse = You get to massage girl
Rimjob = analingus
Russian = penis between girl’s breasts
SOG = Shots On Goal” = number of times you release
SP = Service Provider
T = topless
Tea Bagging – Squatting over your lady and dipping your balls in her mouth.
TV = transvestite
YMMV = Your Mileage May Vary

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